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Atmosphere is key – create the right vibe and keep customers happy with classic designs from Trainspotters range of bar and restaurant lighting, built to last a lifetime.

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We are forever bigging up the subconscious power of lighting, and nowhere is this more applicable than in the bar or restaurant interior.

Successful bar owners and restaurant operators we have worked with over the years appreciate this, conscious of how lighting works to both create mood and endorse their brand and offering.

Questions to bear in mind when looking to light a bar or restaurant might be:

  • What would mass market middle-of-the-road bar pendant lights suggest about the product on offer beneath, regardless of how good it really is?
  • Do cost-driven imitation wall lights say something about the attention to detail that has gone into the food being served?
  • Does the space look run of the mill and generic or well thought out and characterful?

We’ve been lucky enough to supply our light fittings to an huge array of bar and restaurant interiors across the world, from pizzerias in the Arctic Circle to Tokyo, from breweries in Aberdeen to Texas, from small independent eateries to celebrity endorsed high street restaurant brands.

But the theory remains the same – good lighting, even if you don’t consciously clock it, plays a key role in creating the atmosphere, experience and ultimately the success of a venue.

Does Trainspotters offer a lighting design service?

In short, no. We supply the lighting but don’t design it.

Getting the lighting right in a bar or restaurant setting can be quite a complex affair. We would definitely advise you to use a professional lighting designer who will be well versed in the subtleties at play on hospitality projects.

Does all vintage lighting look ‘industrial’?

Vintage and salvaged lighting comes in many different shapes and forms but in particular opaline or white glass lights are wonderfully decorative and offer a much softer filter for bedroom lighting than simple bulbs and shades.

Why choose a boring uplighter synonymous with the 90s bedroom, when instead you can bring interest and decor to the room by using vintage lighting that is both practical and beautiful.

What’s the lead time on Trainspotters lighting?

Often a critical question in bar and restaurant lighting refits where time is literally money.

The busy and often chaotic nature of delivering complex projects on time is no stranger to us, so we always endeavour to supply with speed and efficiency on as low lead times as possible.

Our mission has always been to be stock rich. We stand by our products and so buy and manufacture in bulk. This puts us in a great position to be able to supply your project on a lead time much smaller than the industry norm.

Are Trainspotters lights safe to use in a bar or restaurant?

All of our lighting is wired in our own UK workshops by our highly experienced team. Every fitting is tested to industry BSEN & CE standards. We have an established record of supplying the bar and restaurant industry with reliable and high quality lighting, a reputation we strive to constantly improve on.

How do I fit Trainspotters lights into my bar or restaurant?

Installation is 100% a job for a fully qualified electrical contractor. There are many electrical companies specializing in the hospitality industry as projects tend to carry their own particular obstacles and challenges.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes absolutely. We stand by our products with pride and offer a 24 month structural parts guarantee. Faults are rare but we always sort them out swiftly and satisfactorily.

Is Trainspotters lighting sustainable?

Sustainability has always been a driving issue at the core of our business. We offer salvaged and manufactured lighting and argue that both play their part in minimising environmental impact.

Our salvaged industrial fittings fall into the re-use category, the top of the heap in terms of carbon efficiency. The environmental footprint of our reclaimed lights is limited simply to the restoration work that goes into them, usually minimal.

When you specify from the Trainspotters manufactured range you are buying lighting that has been made to an uncommonly high standard. ‘Buy once buy well’ is at the heart of who we are and what we do. We build our lighting to last generations, directly combatting the wasteful throwaway culture we find ourselves in.

You can read more about our environmental policy here.

What about future maintenance?

One of our guiding mantras is quality over cost.

One of the clear upsides of this approach is that is means Trainspotters lighting is built to last for generations.

Ongoing maintenance on all of our lighting should therefore be limited to the occasional bulb change, very occasional if you use LED bulbs, and the odd wipe down with a slightly damp cloth.

Please do make sure that the light is turned off when bulb changing or cleaning.

Please also make sure that staff are aware of the process in changing bulbs if it is their responsibility. Sometimes great care is required, for example if a fragile glass lens need removing prior to a bulb change.

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