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  • Opaline Origins

    Opaline Glass is arguably one of the most synonymous styles when we think of antique vintage lighting and it’s origins come from a mixture of European influences… Glass Of The Past Opaline Glass was produced in France during the 1800s and was highly fashionable around the world during this period. One of its main influences …

  • trainspotters lighting vintage yellow conical pendant

    The Buy-Back Scheme

    Back To The Future Summer 2021, Trainspotters launched Depot – an online store selling End-of-Lines, Seconds and Buy-Back items. “We are particularly happy to shout about the Buy-Back offering which supports a more circular economy, ensuring old lights stay out of landfill and are given a new lease of life for the projects of the …

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    Vintage Industrial Lighting

    Vintage lighting runs through our veins – for us, it’s where it all began. Lighting with history Trainspotters headed up the new vintage aesthetic of the early 2000s, bringing salvaged industrial to the mainstream with carefully sourced and expertly restored items at fair prices. Our expertise in finding large quantities of vintage industrial items meant the …

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    The Subconscious Power of Lighting

    Have you ever walked into a restaurant and experienced a lovely warm feeling, something in the atmosphere and yet you can’t quite define what makes it so special? There’s no doubt in that initial moment you experienced a pretty strong sensory assault – a heady combination of smells and sounds, but of course what you …

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    The New Working Way

    There’s a quiet revolution taking place and it’s happening in the workplace. As described in Morey Smith’s report ‘The Evolving Normal’ looking at the future of the workplace “61% of people miss socialising and half of workers want social spaces to return to the office. 57% of workers miss the collaboration in the office”. Health …

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    Vitreous Enamel

    What is vitreous enamel? Vitreous enamel is a material made by fusing a finely powdered glass (called frit) to a substrate and firing it between 750 and 850 degrees centigrade. The powdered glass melts, it flows and then it hardens to a smooth and durable vitreous coating. Substrates must be able to withstand these high …

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    Lighting For Life

    New Mills rose like a phoenix from the ashes from one of the many old and dilapidated cloth mills that line the five valleys area in the South Cotswolds.  Much like salvaged lighting (where our story all began) we have lovingly restored the Mill over the years to incorporate our warehouse, showroom and offices.  This …

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    Hand Blown Glass

    The Backstory Over the years we’ve handled some incredible vintage glass lighting. From decorative Holophane pendants salvaged from Victorian churches to industrial explosion-proof beasts rescued from factories in Eastern Europe. Along the way we’ve developed a particular penchant for hand-blown glass. And so over recent years we’ve been building a range of hand blown lights, …

  • trainspotters lighting blog were back

    We’re Back… And it feels good…

    Pardon our radio silence, it’s been a while. Now seems the right time to reintroduce ourselves, to let you know we’re still here and that we are chomping at the bit to get going again. Something like normal service has returned.Social distancing measures are in place at the mill and we have shelves laden with …

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