Trainspotters salvaged walk dont walk signs

Check out this article on our Walk/Don't Walk signs in today's New York Times: Michael Grynbaum writes eloquently about these now extinct New York city icons, although seems in our opinion a little too intent on focussing on the pricetag rather than the fact that we've managed to save these beauties and ship them half way round the world.

On our travels in the former Eastern Bloc we see some incredible industrial buildings in various states of disrepair. The legendary Jawa motorbike factory once employed a whole town but has now reduced to a work force of just 150, operating out of a small building at one end of the massive crumbling factory complex. An air of faded Communist glory hangs over the place.

Trainspotters reclaimed new york walk don't walk sign

We're still pinching ourselves over this one. We've sourced a quantity of these original classic street signs now decomissioned from the streets of New York City. Our batch of signs sat in a storeroom and never made it onto the streets - they became surplus in 1999 when the decision was made to replace these NYC icons with an LED graphic version more suited to a culturally diverse populace. Made of cast-aluminium and vandal proof tempered glass, All are in the original NYC yellow.

X Men First Class Trainspotters lighting

It's out today and it's packed with Trainspotters lighting. We supplied a large range of pendant, bulkhead and fluorescent lighting for various scenes within the movie - early reviews are glowing so we're off to see it this week...