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Browse the Trainspotters’ industrial downlights collection – whether you’re searching for a central statement downlight or a series of smaller downlights,Trainspotters offers a comprehensive mix of classic lighting designs and vintage salvaged pieces.

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It’s no exaggeration to say that lighting can make or break a space. And a good industrial style downlight is one of those things to get right.

Too often we see interiors that have a lot of time, effort and money poured into them only to be let down by inappropriate or cheap looking downlighting. Why spend tens of thousands on a bespoke hand-built kitchen to then lower the tone with some uninspiring generic downlights?!

We’d suggest that industrial style downlights are going to be key in setting the tone of your interior and are not something to be considered as a side show or afterthought.

An illuminated industrial downlight is a beautiful thing – it brings authenticity with its utilitarian honesty and timeless style. Downlights can be sculptural as well as practical, giving a focal point to a space or setting a certain tone.

What is a Downlight?

A downlight provides very specific directional light, making it ideal for tasks or to highlight a particular area or item.

Of course a downlight can be a hanging pendant, fixed flush to a wall or ceiling or in fact be a wall light on a hinged or static arm – generally speaking they will not omit an all round ambient light, but a more focussed light stream. Perhaps you could say this is semantics, but we like to get things right!

Where are Industrial Downlights used?

Downlights lend themselves best to kitchen and dining interiors and are more frequently being used in living spaces very specifically for reading or crafting.

Which industrial downlights shall I choose?

The first question to ask would be a practical one – what are you trying to light?

If you are needing lighting over a kitchen island unit or a dining table then larger sized industrial downlights would generally be hung just below eye level to give proper lighting to a functional work space.

An industrial LED downlight in this scenario will throw the light downwards rather than outwards – for example, our industrial factory shades e.g. the Dunlop, or the French Street Light will achieve exactly this.

If you are fortunate to have lengths of worktop and/ or a large island space, then consider a longer series of more compact industrial downlights such as the classic factory lights.

How high do I hang them?

A key question, but there’s no need to decide at the point of buying.

Where possible we would recommend that you don’t 100% pre-commit to the hanging height or ‘drop’ as it is sometimes referred to. A basic idea should be good enough so long as you allow some extra length to play with.

Can I hang a Trainspotters downlight myself?

We wouldn’t advise it. You’ll need a qualified electrician to do the wiring but also to work out the best kind of fixing method to use for your choice of downlights.

The ceiling substrate will determine the best method to use, a call we would definitely suggest you leave to the electrician responsible.

If you are using a very heavy downlight you may need to consult your builder. Sometimes additional timberwork may be required in the ceiling to mount the ceiling hook into.

What about the wiring?

We’ve got it covered. All lighting in our range, including vintage and industrial pendant lights, are wired and tested to CE & BSEN standards.

We use the best quality components and have a highly experienced workshop team creating our pendant lighting. And we can also wire to US or alternative smart systems upon request.

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