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From the hundreds of industrial glass pendant lights and industrial glass wall lights available, browse Trainspotters’ selection of the very best designs both salvaged vintage and proprietary.

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Glass is one of the most versatile of materials – the array of forms and styles in which we find glass is testament to its versatility, mirrored in the Trainspotters range of industrial glass lighting which includes both utilitarian and decorative glass lighting, vintage and new.

With universally attractive and practical characteristics, glass will feature in all lights, from the smallest filament or bulb to the largest shade – it is as likely to feature in an industrial glass pendant light as it in an industrial glass wall light.

The re-emergence of Art Deco style means glass is inevitably trending in interiors. Glass played a huge role in deco interiors, they’re like two peas in pod so by introducing a glass wall light or glass pendant light you will Immediately update a space.

With LED bulb technology and dimmable wiring, glass lights come into their own… industrial glass lighting is a true all-rounder providing both ambient and task based light.

Glass, unlike many materials, allows us to play with form and textures without compromising practicality. We can shape and mould glass into curvaceous zecorative shapes or angular rigid forms, through blowing or casting techniques. The ambient light omitted through glass holds a warmth and comfort, making it an ideal material for domestic settings as much as hospitality settings. All the Trainspotters designs, whether pendant, wall, ceiling or flush mount, contain glass options.

Industrial glass lighting can be opaline, smoked, white glass or clear and we can add frosting and antique finishes too. The possibility for glass lighting is endless.

Which glass lights shall I choose?

Well, let’s look at what you’re trying to light…

If you require lighting over a kitchen island then a glass light that is directional will always be more practical than an entirely glass light.Consider an industrial glass pendant light like the Czech Sawmill, with a metal shade and a glass cover on the underside to protect from splashes and grease build up, in this scenario it will throw the light downwards rather than outwards.

If you’re selecting for a dining application consider something like the Concorde – this best of both worlds industrial glass pendant light will emit a crystal clear light all around to provide the perfect ambience. If you’re looking for cosy lighting in a living area, where sometimes you want just a hint of lighting and other times you want things brighter, consider antiqued jelly mould glass wall lights for example, ideally on a dimmer.

What do Trainspotters glass lights come with?

Our glass pendant lighting is sold with everything you will need… this can include braided flex, steel wire/chain and a ceiling hook.

Braided Flex: This is a standard 3-core electrical cable with a braided fabric outer layer. We offer eight colours as standard but are more than happy to do bespoke colour cables on larger projects.

Chain or Wire: You can choose between chain (Zinc or Black finish) or steel ‘Gripple’ wire. The wire is thin but incredibly strong. Generally clients use the wire as it is very minimal on the eye and so gives pendants the appearance of floating in the air. It is also very easy to adjust to the correct height.

Chain is visually much heavier and very much ‘anchors’ the pendant to the ceiling.

Ceiling Hook: Available with most glass pendant lights in black or galvanised finish. We supply a quality cast metal version compatible with conduit wiring systems if required.

Bulbs: Bulbs are available at an additional cost. We have partnered with TALA to bring you the highest quality dimmable LED bulbs that are stylish pieces in themselves.

We’d always recommend using LED bulbs for their sustainability credentials. With the range on the market today there’s really no reason not to use LED.

Wall lights: Because every wall varies, every fixing will need to be suited to the wall and therefore we do not assume the fixings for your application. A glass wall light will be supplied with it’s relevant brackets or flush mount fixings with pre-drilled holes to accept your specific fixings. We suggest you consult with your electrician and/ or builder on the best form of fixing prior to installation.

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