Living Area & Bedroom Industrial Lighting

Settle into your surroundings and zone your space with Trainspotters’ range of multi-functional living area and bedroom lighting

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Living areas and bedrooms are all about relaxation and comfort, so creating the right mood with lighting is really important.

Lighting in these areas is generally softer than in other areas of the home, but with specific zones for tasks, like reading for example.

Trainspotters stock includes decorative hand blown glass fittings, both pendant and wall mounted as well as limited-run vintage lighting to bring character, style and intimacy.

Yes we do big and industrial lighting, but we are also able to supply some softer and more decorative lighting for the areas of the house where understatement and relaxation is all.

How can I create the right mood in my living area?

Mood is as much about lighting as it is about texture and colour – it’s up there at the top of the tick list and depending on your chosen look for the living area, both industrial and decorative lighting can work.

Industrial lights can offer a welcome contrast to soft furnishing and sinkable sofas, similarly antiqued and decorative lighting can bring warmth to angular shelving sideboards and coffee tables.

Hand blown opaline lights do a great job of adding a beautiful wash of ambient light, working well as central room pendants.

Does all vintage lighting look ‘industrial’?

Vintage and salvaged lighting comes in many different shapes and forms but in particular opaline or white glass lights are wonderfully decorative and offer a much softer filter for bedroom lighting than simple bulbs and shades.

Why choose a boring uplighter synonymous with the 90s bedroom, when instead you can bring interest and decor to the room by using vintage lighting that is both practical and beautiful.

Why is dimmability so important with living room and bedroom lighting?

Having lights that are dimmable will allow you to adjust the mood setting in your space, from creating a functional daytime setting to an inviting and atmospheric area for relaxation.

Ensure you have the correct wiring and switches and Trainspotters will provide the rest – all our lights can be purchased with dimmable bulbs to ensure your Living Area and Bedroom lighting solution is ever-flexible.

What lights are suitable for the bedroom?

Consider mixing up the lighting… for example, do you enjoy reading in bed?
If so, consider hanging pendant lights on each side of your headboard or perhaps some wall lights overhead would suit.
Trainspotters stock over 30 wall light designs, many of which come in both flush-mount style or on brackets.

Do you have a dressing table in your bedroom? Consider increasing the light in practical areas where you have dressing tables or chest of drawers by choosing flush mount lighting that will highlight the task at hand.

Is your bed your sanctuary? Why not create a focal point and draw the eye to the centre of the room by hanging a larger pendant light with a vintage industrial feel.

Can I hang a Trainspotters pendant light myself?

It’s not advisable. A qualified electrician will not only wire your light in safely but will also work out the best kind of fixing method to use for your choice of fitting. A concrete ceiling will for example require a different fixing method to a plasterboard ceiling. With heavy pendant lights some additional timberwork may be required in a plasterboard ceiling to mount the ceiling hook into. We recommend that this is a job undertaken by a professional.

What is the carbon footprint of Trainspotters lighting?

This is a central issue for us and a defining principle of our business practice. The carbon footprint of our salvaged industrial fittings is limited only to the refurbishment energy that goes into them. Reusing a reclaimed light is pretty much the number one thing you can do to mitigate carbon emissions in your lighting. With our own manufactured range we make to an uncommonly high standard, following the principle of ‘Built to Last’. ‘Buy once buy well’ is at the heart of who we are and what we do, with quality coming above cost considerations throughout the design and manufacturing process. All of our lighting is built to last generations, combatting the wasteful throwaway culture we find ourselves in.

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