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Where there’s work to be done, Trainspotters office & workspace lighting leads the way – directional, functional, beautiful lighting with purpose.

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Office and workspace lighting has come a long way since the uninspired drab functionality of previous decades.

The workspace has been redefined, driven by the emerging realisation that environment and atmosphere directly affect health, happiness and productivity.
The office is now seen as a place of inspiration and community, a place that is good to spend time in.

Coworking has been one of the cultural shift stories of the past decade, supercharged further by the Covid pandemic. Lighting is a critical component in this office space revolution and we are delighted to be playing our role in the reinvention of the workplace, supplying offices and co-working spaces near and far, from big brands to one-man bands, from commercial redevelopments to studios in the garden.

As ideas of the workplace continue to develop and flower we look forward to developing our lighting range accordingly, ever delighted to be able to make our contribution to the improvement in peoples’ working lives.

Why use Trainspotters lights in an office or Coworking space?

Getting the lighting right is an important part of getting the whole interior right. Good lighting not only helps define the feeling of a space but also performs the very important task of dictating the ambience that people are going to be working in.

Our range of vintage and remade classic lighting is used in workplaces around the world to bring character and originality. An effective workplace lighting scheme will use pendant and wall lights to create zones – meeting spaces, break-out, recreational, dining etc. Businesses are able to inject personality using our lights as part of their design scheme, creating a practical but welcoming work environment. And the technologically driven shift to home working has made the design of the shared workspace even more important, as employers and coworking space operators look to entice staff in with an inspiring environment.

Can Trainspotters lights be dimmed?

It’s a question we often get asked and the simple answer is yes.

All Trainspotters lights are supplied wired up in standard electrical components that can be dimmed SO LONG as they are wired in on a dimmer cable by the electrician installing them. Dimmablilty is a matter of the external cabling rather than the lights themselves. The other factor to be aware of is bulbs – not all bulbs are dimmable, so just make sure you get dimmable ones. All bulbs supplied by Trainspotters are dimmable.

What about Dali?

We can wire all of our lighting for DALI systems. We are also capable of wiring for a number of other specialist applications upon request.

Are Trainspotters lights LED?

A key question to which the answer is 100% yes!

LED lighting technology is exciting and fast moving, and the LED options available now bear little resemblance to those of just a few years ago. The LED light bulbs that we are fitting into our pendant and wall lights come in a range of colour temperatures and can be dimmable, making them extremely flexible when it comes to creating mood. The sickly glare of the office fluorescent strip is dead.

We’ve even designed and manufactured our own bespoke dimmable LED tubes to replace fluorescent neons, a UK first. Our experienced workshop team are able to supply and accommodate a range of LED technologies within our lights, often important in offices and workspace, meaning you can get the character without compromising on the technology or energy efficiency.

How sustainable is Trainspotters lighting?

Sustainability is part of our core mission and is also now an important consideration in the modern workplace. ‘Buy once buy well’ is at the heart of who we are and what we do, with quality coming above cost considerations in the design and manufacturing process. Our manufactured lights are built to last generations, combatting the wasteful throwaway culture we find ourselves in.

When you buy one of our reclaimed light fittings you are re-using, which is the number one thing you can do to mitigate carbon emissions. We aim to supply future proof lighting, fit for many decades to come. We are certified Plastic Free Champions and are well into the process of our application for B Corp status, a rigorous code of standards for social and environmental impact.

Read more about our environmental policy here.

What about ongoing maintenance?

We take great care to produce quality, durable pendant light fittings that will do their job for decades to come. Any future maintenance on our pendant lighting should be limited to bulb changing, very occasional if you use LED bulbs, and the occasional wipe down with a slightly damp cloth. By building our lighting to last we inherently mitigate ongoing maintenance issues for our clients.

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