Industrial Pendant Lights

The Trainspotters industrial pendant lighting range is a comprehensive mix of classic lighting designs and antique salvaged pieces.

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It’s no exaggeration to say that pendant lighting can make or break a space. Good pendant lighting is one of those things to get right. Too often we see interiors that have a lot of time effort and money poured into them only to be let down by inappropriate or cheap looking pendant lighting. Why for example spend tens of thousands on a bespoke hand-built kitchen to then lower the tone with some uninspiring generic pendants?

We’d suggest that pendant lights are going to be key in setting the tone of your interior and are not something to be considered as an aside or an afterthought. Since the recessed spotlight craziness of the 1990’s, ceilings across the land being given over to grids of clinical Halogen, we’re very happy to have seen a gradual return of the pendant light. These types of lights can be sculptural as well as practical, giving a focal point to a space or setting a certain tone.

An illuminated vintage Holophane pendant light is a beautiful thing to behold, whilst a vitreous enamelled industrial factory shade brings authenticity with its utilitarian honesty and timeless style.

Long live the pendant light we say!

What’s the difference between a ceiling light and a pendant light?

Pendant lights are often referred to as ceiling lights, and vice versa, although correctly speaking a pendant light is a suspended fitting that hangs by chain, flex or wire from a fixing point on the ceiling. A ceiling light can refer to a light that is fixed flush to the ceiling.

Pure semantics perhaps but we like to get these things right!

Can I hang a Trainspotters pendant light myself?

We wouldn’t advise it. You’ll need a qualified electrician to do the wiring but also to work out the best kind of fixing method to use for your choice of pendant light. The ceiling substrate will determine the best method to use, a call we would definitely suggest you leave to the electrician responsible.

If you are using a very heavy pendant light you may need to consult your builder. Sometimes additional timber work may be required in the ceiling to mount the ceiling hook into.

Where are pendant lights used?

The first question to ask would be a practical one – what are you trying to light?

If you are needing feature lighting over a kitchen island unit or a dining table then the pendant light would generally be hung just below eye level to give proper lighting to a functional workspace. In this scenario, it would be advisable to use pendants or shades that throw the light downwards rather than outwards, for example, our industrial factory shades or vintage French Street Lights.

Or is it general ambient lighting that is required?

Traditionally this would have been done through a single central light, perhaps with a plaster rose dictating the position. More contemporary spaces may see grids of lights or randomly hung clusters, such as down stairwells. Where general ambient light is required it would be common to use lights that throw a wide arc of light, such as our opaline glass pendant lights or vintage Welsh Chapel lights. And sometimes, these types of lights can act more as a feature piece than a practical tool, a stylish eye-catcher to set the mood of an interior.

What do Trainspotters Pendant lights come with?


Our pendant lights are sold with everything you will need to hang them. This can include braided flex, steel wire/chain and a ceiling hook.

Braided Flex – This is standard 3-core electrical cable with a braided fabric outer layer. We offer 8 colours as standard but are more than happy to do bespoke colour cables on larger projects.

Chain or Wire – You can choose between chain (Zinc or Black finish) or steel ‘Gripple’ wire. The wire is thin but incredibly strong. Generally clients use the wire as it is very minimal on the eye and so gives pendants the appearance of floating in the air. It is also very easy to adjust to the correct height. Chain is visually much heavier and very much ‘anchors’ the pendant to the ceiling.

Ceiling Hook – Available with most pendant lights in black or galvanised finish.

We supply a quality cast metal version compatible with conduit wiring systems if required.

How to wire a pendant light?

We’ve got it covered. All lighting in our range, including vintage and industrial pendant lights, are wired and tested to CE & BSEN standards. We use the best quality components and have a highly experienced workshop team creating our pendant lighting. We can also wire to US or alternative smart systems upon request.

What do I do about ongoing maintenance?

Trainspotters takes great pride in supplying quality, durable pendant light fittings that will do their job for years to come. Any future maintenance on our pendant lighting should be limited to the occasional bulb change, very occasional if you use LED bulbs, and the odd dusting or wipe down with a slightly damp cloth. Please just make sure that the light is turned off when bulb changing or cleaning and that you use a sturdy and safe ladder where required.

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