Hub Box, Portsmouth

You can’t help but stop and stare… the incredible floor-to-ceiling wall mural by talented graffiti artist Joe Greenaway adorns the wall inside this burger mecca, the Hub Box in Portsmouth. 

Trainspotters were lucky enough to join in – supplying a series of lights including these richly antiqued glass dome wall lights which compliment the moody atmosphere of the neighbouring Horatio Nelson tribute.

It is a humorously familiar scene of a great British seaside – seagull covets chips, seagull stares menacingly, seagull perches on light – but the glass dome light has many other useful applications! It is particularly popular with Trainspotters domestic customers, gracing living room, dining room and bedroom walls from coast to coast. 

The bespoke antiqued hand-finish is one of three on offer, alongside clear and frosted. Trainspotters have designed the glass dome in a Pendant version too – add one of Tala’s warm dimmable LED bulbs to your basket and you too can match your mood.

Images courtesy of Lisa Lee Photography

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