Shop & Retail Industrial Lighting

Trainspotters in-depth knowledge and experience of the retail sector will benefit your brand by providing considered lighting schemes for projects large and small.

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We have been fortunate enough to supply lighting to some incredible and exciting retail and public spaces over the years and look forward to continuing to do so into the future. Lighting can play a critical role in setting public mood and perception, something the architects and designers we work with are extremely well versed in.

A company mission has always been to occupy a position where we can supply larger quantities of lights safely, consistently and reliably to larger scale projects. We guarantee that all of our lighting is meticulously prepared by our experienced workshop staff and supplied, tested to UK electrical and mechanical standards.

Lighting for visual merchandising

In the world of interiors ‘zoning’ is a go-to tool for designing a space and never has this been quite as relevant as in retail. With the growth of destination shopping the in-store environment is now as important as the product itself. Lighting plays a pivotal role in this, not only in creating the right environment to suit the brand but as an aide for visual merchandising to maintain customer interest.

How can Trainspotters lighting add to the customer experience?

By selecting similar designs within the same range (for example choosing hanging pendants to sit over cubic displays and matching wall lights over racking) merchandise teams can effortlessly navigate customers along their brand journey. Larger lights like Giant Czech Pendants and French Street Lights lend their striking scale to open-plan retail environments such as department stores, shopping centres and flagships.
While smaller designs such as the Jellymould and Glass Domes can create pockets of intimacy in areas like changing rooms, personal shopping rooms and food & drink spaces.

How can Trainspotters lighting compliment a brand?

Trainspotters lights have become integral to the look of many brands, whether from the early days of Superdry or the synonymous look of Ralph Lauren, to the buzzing open kitchens of Honest Burger or the cosy Italian coffee house feel of Nero, the ability to buy lights at any time from Trainspotters that are both salvage or repro, provides peace of mind for Brand Managers and Visual Merchandisers.

Is Trainspotters lighting suitable for use in commercial environments?

Absolutely! In fact the large majority of projects Trainspotters supply are for the commercial market in sectors such as hospitality, retail and workplace.

With a substantial catalogue of designs, most areas are covered, whether you’re looking for lights for stairwells, bathrooms or common areas or co-working, meeting and auditorium spaces, there are normally several suitable pendant or wall designs to suit the application.

Do Trainspotters offer bespoke colour finishes?

No problem – many Trainspotters designs have been lovingly recreated in a selection of finishes like clear, frosted and antiqued or painted in different colours from a traditional palette.

However Trainspotters also provide a colour- customisation service for all metal painted lights – simply provide your RAL colour and we can fabricate to this.

Do Trainspotters supply in quantity?


Quantity means brand consistency and volume is what we do.

Trainspotters is built on salvaging volume quantities of vintage industrial lighting and manufacturing large runs of high-quality reproductions of classic designs.

Invariably salvage occurs in factories, warehouses and old industrial locations where considerable areas were lit for vast numbers of workers. Much like the train lines and stations of the past that we visited back at the start, one style of light was selected to represent the whole of the operation… and we often buy the lot!

Volume allows for consistency across shop and retail spaces and with the ability to buy further units year-on-year, businesses can expand their brand without fear of stock issues.

With the ability to paint the same design in a multitude of colours, retailers can also achieve a consistent look across a brand whilst tying in with the individual personality of a particular space or product.

How Sustainable is Trainspotters Lighting?

Sustainability is our main priority. ” Buy Once Buy Well ” is at he heart of who we are and what we do, with quality coming above the price considerations in the design and manufacturing process.

The number one thing you can do it migrate carbon emission is reuse and when you buy one of our reclaimed light-fittings, you’re doing exactly that.

We are certified plastic free champions and are well into the process of our application for B corp status, a rigorous code of standards for social and environmental impact.

Read more about our environmental policy here

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