Original Walk / Dont Walk signs

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Every light sold includes a contribution to solar lighting kits for off-grid homes in Kenya or Malawi.

Solar lighting allows rural families to extend their work day into the evening hours and allows businesses to operate during the evening.

A solar lamp also helps towards improving literacy rates as it enables children to read after dark.

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A very exciting find. We have a quantity of these original classic street signs now decomissioned from the streets of New York City. Our batch of signs sat in a storeroom and never made it onto the streets – they became surplus in 1999 when the decision was made to replace these NYC icons with an LED graphic version more suited to a culturally diverse populace. Made of cast-aluminium and vandal proof tempered glass, All are in the original NYC yellow. Supplied fitted with completely new circuitry designed to flash at timed intervals, and with new internal E27 bulbholders and braided flex as required. Can be wall mounted or suspended.

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