Industrial Ceiling Lights

The Trainspotters industrial ceiling lights range is a comprehensive mix of classic and antique salvaged pieces.Whether you’re looking for a factory-found industrial flush ceiling light or an in-house designed industrial style ceiling light, browse this collection for the latest variety of styles and shapes.

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Industrial ceiling lighting is where it all started for us.

The thousands of black industrial ceiling lights we reclaimed from Fort Dunlop and the Rover car plant in Birmingham were what really kick-started the industrial lighting market back in 2005.

Industrial ceiling lights lend themselves to a host of applications – they are as ideal in retail and hospitality settings as they are in modern interiors aspiring to the industrial style.

We continue to unearth all sorts of exotic examples of industrial style ceiling lights with originals from the cold-war era, some with Bauhaus, Art-Deco or Brutalist influence, others with Soviet lineage. Complimented by our proprietary ceramic and glass lighting, Trainspotters delivers a complete range of ceiling lights including industrial flush ceiling lights.

As the term suggests, industrial ceiling lights commonly consist of hard wearing materials such as steel, cast iron, aluminium and glass but their decorative aspect is no less prominent. Enamel finishes ensure longevity and durability particularly beneficial in commercial settings.

All trainspotters industrial ceiling lights are designed for E27 LED bulbs as standard and our choice to supply Tala bulbs will ensure the best quality of light alongside low energy consumption.

By selecting industrial ceiling lights, you will anchor your interior space with lifelong quality, durability and integrity. A dynamic interior consisting of items from several eras will result in a timeless overall look that outlasts passing trends.

Why are industrial ceiling lights considered stylish?

Our customers have long appreciated industrial ceiling lighting for the unique style it can bring to an interior.

There’s an honest functionality that an industrial ceiling or wall light can bring to an interior, giving your space an authentic feel. Compared to the mass market offerings that have become predominant, a quality industrial ceiling light can lend serious style and a sense of integrity to an interior.

Where can industrial ceiling lights be used?

Our industrial ceiling lights would generally be used as feature pieces, so are usually used in areas where they can get some attention.

Common uses around the home would be as stylish downlights above kitchen island units or hanging over kitchen bar counters. They also work fantastically above dining tables.

In these areas where head clearance is not required then larger ceiling lights can be used without any issues.

We generally recommend that when hanging ceiling lights over kitchen islands or over dining tables that the light is hung just below standing eye level to avoid bulb glare.

Can I use LED bulbs?

Yes, and we would positively recommend it. We supply a small range of high quality Tala bulbs and there’s a huge choice of LED’s available on the market.

Our clients tend to use dimmable LED bulbs which are available in different colour temperatures. Dimmable bulbs mean you can easily change the ambiance in a space.

There’s really no reason to not use LED bulbs these days, they are way more energy efficient and just as attractive as the old bulbs.

LED’s are a win win.

Just make sure that the bulb you use fits the available space in the light. This would be more of an issue on enclosed wall lights than on pendant lighting.

How do I fit my industrial ceiling light?

We would always recommend that you use a qualified electrician.

Tempting as it might be to get up the ladder and give it a go yourself, we would strongly recommend that fitting our industrial ceiling lights or flush ceiling lights is done by a professional.

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