Kitchen Industrial Lighting

A stylish and practical collection of kitchen industrial lighting designs for the heart of the home, perfect for cooking, tasks or atmospheric dining.

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Thinking of using our pendant and wall lights in your kitchen or dining space?
Here we answer some of the questions you may have.

The kitchen is the heart of home, a place where we gravitate to eat together, socialise and entertain.
With many people spending more time in the kitchen than any other room in the house it’s the space to really pull the stops out on the lighting front.

It’s a shame to see a kitchen that has had blood sweat and tears (and a lot of money) spent on it only to be let down by bland, middle of the road lighting.

A fitted kitchen is the single biggest investment most people make on the interior of their home.
Even the most cost-effective options run into thousands of pounds, the more high-end bespoke schemes running into the tens of thousands.

It’s that final 1% that can make the difference between a mediocre and an amazing space.
Compromise on the lighting and you are likely to compromise the whole interior.

So why not make your kitchen lighting so good that if you ever sell your house you want take it with you?

Why choose Trainspotters lighting for my kitchen / diner?

Our mission is to supply beautiful and unusual lighting that stands out from the crowd and makes a big statement in your home.

We are all about quality and integrity in our light fittings. Whether they are reclaimed vintage or classic remakes we want our lights to bring joy, and be a much needed antidote to the generic mediocrity that has dominated kitchen lighting for decades.

We say ‘buy once buy well’ and your kitchen will look the part for many years to come.

Where do I start with choosing Trainspotters lighting for my kitchen / dining room?

It’s really a matter of balancing aesthetics with functionality. Certain areas are going to need good illumination such as work surfaces or island units, while other areas may require a more general wash of ambient light. A combination of pendant lights and wall lights are available to help you achieve this. The advice is to go for what you like but just double check that you are going to have light where you need it and not where you don’t.

Which lights are suitable and in what areas of my kitchen / dining space?

The biggest demand we have in the kitchen area is for pendant lighting over kitchen islands or breakfast bars. It’s one of the few locations in the home where lighting needs to be hung lower, generally just beneath standing eye level, so it’s an opportunity to go bigger and bolder than you can elsewhere. A downlight is a good option in this scenario, an open bottomed shade providing task lighting to the surface below. Kitchen dining tables are a bit more flexible and can take downlighters or more ambient pendant fittings, but again it’s a place where you shouldn’t be afraid of going big and bold if that’s how the mood takes you.

Task lights such as reclaimed articulated engineers wall lights are a great option for building in a flexible directional light source.

Where can industrial lights be used?

Our industrial lights would generally be used as feature pieces, so are usually used in areas where they can get some attention.

Common uses around the home would be as stylish downlighters above kitchen island units or hanging over kitchen bar counters. Industrial luminaires also work fantastically above dining tables. In these areas where head clearance is not required then larger light fixtures can be used without any issues.

We generally recommend that when hanging lights over kitchen islands or over dining tables that the light is hung just below standing eye level, avoiding bulb glare. And it just works aesthetically.

How do I fit my industrial light?

We would always recommend that you use a qualified electrician. Tempting as it might be to get up the ladder and give it a go yourself we would strongly recommend that fitting our pendant and wall lighting is definitely one for a professional.

Unsure of which lights to choose for your kitchen?

Choosing lighting for your kitchen can be an intimidating task so we are always more than happy to help out.

We’ve supplied lighting to kitchens and dining projects the world over and we are always happy to offer our expert advice on which fittings we think may work in your space.

For anything more technical, for example if you are looking to integrate our lights with a modern lighting system and you’re not sure how to design it, then we’d recommend you use a lighting designer, who should make light work of it.

Are Trainspotters lights dimmable?

Yes and we strongly recommend going dimmable where you can as it gives you control over the lighting mood in your home. Our lights are supplied wired up in standard electrical components that can be dimmed SO LONG as they are wired in on a dimmer cable by the electrician installing them.

Dimmablilty is a matter of the external cabling rather than the lights themselves. And you will also need to make sure that you buy dimmable LED bulbs.

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