Environment & Sustainability

Net Zero 2030

Trainspotters has committed to reducing our greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2030.

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Our Mission

Trainspotters is perennially committed to minimising the impact of our business activities socially and environmentally. ‘Buy Once Buy Well’ is at the heart of who we are and what we do. The result is lighting that will last for generations – sustainability with style.

We started out dealing in nothing but reclaimed fixtures and fittings and a significant proportion of our lighting is still reclaimed and reused. Sustainability and re-use is something that has always been hardwired into our thinking, and always will be.

In addition, all of of our sales are linked directly with the B1G1 (BuyOneGiveOne) Business For Good scheme which ensures a percentage value from each light purchased is specifically allocated to solar lighting kits for off-grid homes in Kenya or Malawi, which is helping to improve literacy rates and therefore the future prospects for children who are now able to read after dark.

Buying Policy

We try whenever possible to buy recycled, to buy sustainable products and to use ethical services. This applies to both stock and workplace. 

Our reclaimed stock inherently ticks both boxes. With our new stock we are lucky to be working directly with manufacturers and so are able to build in efficiencies throughout the process, minimising the environmental impact. For example our glass products are made using 20% recycled glass using furnaces that are fitted with heat exchangers that save 20% on energy consumption. Being designers and not re-sellers means we are able to have an input through the whole chain of production. We are also ordering on a relatively large scale, bringing further and significant efficiencies to production and transportation. 

In terms of our business administration, we strive to be a paperless office, using technology to bypass the need for waste paper production. In terms of our business services we seek to work with either ethical or BCorp companies where possible, such as our BCorp business Accountants.

Product Packaging

In September 2019 we gained our SAS Plastic Free Champion status, meaning we have eliminated single use plastic from our workplace and packaging. More Info can be found here

Our lighting arrives packed in a combination of the following:

  • Cardboard Boxing
  • Fully biodegradable air cushioning
  • Fully biodegradable cornstarch packing ‘peanuts’
  • Brown paper wrapping
  • Brown paper bags

Packaging solutions are a constant work in progress so we will always adapt to any more sustainable technology that becomes available.

Energy Consumption

Trainspotters aims to reduce energy consumption and employs the following energy saving measures:

  • All computers and monitors are switched off when not in use.
  • All monitors use a low energy screen saver.
  • All electronic equipment including computers, lights and machinery is switched off when the premises is not in use.
  • All windows & doors are kept closed in the winter to avoid the loss of heat.
  • LED bulbs are fitted throughout our premises.
  • We’re often happy to do it the old fashioned way and just put our coats on rather than turning the thermostat up!

Reuse & Recycling

  • Currently 40% approx of our stock is reclaimed and reused.
  • Boxes and void filler on incoming goods are saved and reused on outgoing goods.
  • Timber pallets and crates are adapted and reused to deliver globally.

In addition to the business activity of salvaging lighting we also recycle the following:

  • Paper & Cardboard
  • Glass & Plastic
  • Aluminium & Mixed Metals
  • Batteries
  • Lightbulbs
  • Food Waste



85% of our deliveries worldwide are conducted by DPD, selected for their Carbon Neutral policy. Some carbon offsetting is required by DPD, however it is a big step in the right direction. More info can be found here

We constantly re-evaluate our courier options and will move to more carbon efficient options as and when they become available, with sustainability trumping cost in our evaluation. 

On a local level we have installed a bike store at our premises and actively encourage staff to cycle through the Cycle to Work scheme. More info can be found here

Social Responsibility

Through the B1G1 Scheme, a percentage value from each light purchased is specifically allocated to solar lighting kits for off-grid homes in Kenya or Malawi. Solar Lighting is helping towards improving literacy rates and therefore the future prospects for children who are now able to read after dark.

Further information about the B1G1 Scheme can be found here

The Future Looks Bright…

Installation of a large PV array on a south-facing flat roof of our premises will be complete by 2023 and complemented by back up battery storage. The aim is to provide a surplus over and above all business electricity requirements, a surplus that can be fed straight back into the grid.

2021 saw the installation of two Electric Vehicle Charging Points and our first electric hybrid works vehicle.

And, after a period of time consolidating our manufactured designs, we will now be expanding our range of reclaimed lighting – reuse being one of the most environmentally beneficial things we can be involved in.

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