Butchies, London, UK

“From acorns grow mights oaks” is the perfect quote for Butchies. They started with one small street food outlet in East London in 2013 and have grown to become the London-wide destination for authentic fried-chicken.

Their most recent branch in Ealing, West London features two iconic Trainspotters designs – the polished French Street light (a classic remake of a salvaged design from the streets of Lille) and the polished DDR Strip Light (another remake of a classic design originally from communist era Germany).

The finish fits perfectly with Butchies retro diner-style aesthetic and echoes their no nonsense open-kitchen layout.

Both lights are available in a number of finishes to suit most applications – the french street light is available in bronze and black, whilst the DDRs come in bronze alongside reeded or plain glass options. Both are regular stock items and you can visit the product pages for individual specifications and lead-in times.

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